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My name is “perfectpanda”, a sound creator and programmer.

This blog was established to record and do my daily thoughts and studies.

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I arranged the song “Shimotsukare no uta” by “Shimonokuni no inari-sama miko“, a Vtuber supporting Tochigi Prefecture.

I was in charge of four songs used in the performance of “Shoju” from April 20 (Wed.) to 24 (Sun.), 2022.

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RainyLakesideChill :June 2, 2021 Lo-fi beats, BGM for work

・The secrets :Aug. 4, 2021

・Hinotori :Sep. 1, 2021 Japanese style music

・A look into another world :Dec. 9, 2021 This work is inspired by fantasy game soundtracks.

・ChillTronica :Feb. 21, 2022

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